About Us

Mix calligraphy, carpentry,
and a passion for Tuscany..
..you get Spirito Toscano!

Hi! I’m Germana, I was born in Rome in 1986 but moved to Tuscany with my parents when I was 2. As a child I loved to explore my small town Monte San Savino. As I grew up, I discovered new amazing panoramas and spots of the other small Tuscan towns around me: Monteriggioni, Pienza, Montepulciano, Cortona. 

At a point in life, I tried to mix all my passions..languages, love for different cultures and calligraphy. I ended up being a wedding planner for destination weddings. And it was important to me to make each event unique, for my couples and their guests!

But I felt like I was missing something.. that’s when I fell in love with a Tuscan carpenter, Fausto. 

Artisanal & handmade with ♥!

Spirito Toscano was a small idea and has soon turned into something special..not only for us!


Through our Games & Decors, brides & grooms getting married in Tuscany

are able to create a fun atmosphere for their guests.

They will be guided by our Signs & Blackboards

and could take a very nice pic using one of our Frames.

Guests will finally, be able to bring “a bit of Italy” back home

with our 100% Italian Wedding Favours.

Parchment in Tuscany

Your Best Source of Quality Handmade Goods

We CREATE everything in our Tuscan Carpentry
We try to handmade and personalize all items by ourselves
Only High Quality & Environmentally Safe
Certified Origin
100% made in Italy, even the Favours we select for you
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