General Info

Hi! I’m Germana and Spirito Toscano is a family project. I was born in Rome in 1986 but raised in the beautiful Tuscany. In these years, I’ve cultivated my passions for weddings, calligraphy and all activities in the open air. What better place than Tuscany to realize my dream?

We rent in Tuscany lawn games and decors like frames, blackboards, barrels, wooden lanterns.

All are realized by us in our carpentry. And the signs and blackboards are handwritten by me.

We are based near Foiano della Chiana, province of Arezzo, in South East Tuscany.

We’re right in the middle among 3 beautiful cities: Siena, Florence and Perugia in Umbria, all at 1h drive.

Cortona and Montepulciano, just to mention a few, are a few minutes away.

We rent in central Italy, mainly Tuscany and Umbria.

You can contact us here: ciao@spiritotoscano.it or Whatsapp me here: +39 333 2411561

You can write me in Italian, English, Spanish and German. But try with any language you want, I’m keen on learning it. 🙂

For practical reasons, our website is available in English only.

As a general rule, it’s preferable to get in contact and confirm the items you want as soon as possible.

We always ask a deposit payment upon confirmation of the items. The balance is required at one month from the delivery date.

In case you cancel your order, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE while the balance won’t be required if the cancellation is communicated at the most 1 month before the delivery date.

Games and decors can be rented with a minimum expense calculated based on the distance from our base to the place of delivery/pick up.

The fee refers to a 3-day rental and we have decided NOT TO CHARGE separately for transportation. In fact, given the high trasportation costs we give you the possibility to rent MORE ITEMS to the same cost, instead of renting just a few and paying for transportaiton separately.

Consider that transportation include the cost of gas for the km from our base to the wedding venue (4 times  given we deliver and pick up) plus the personnel on site to bring and position the items at your venue.

Get in touch with us for more info about our fees! → ciao@spiritotoscano.it

More in detail: Decor & Games

Our games and decors for rent are all realized by us in out small carpentry in Pozzo della Chiana (province of Arezzo, Tuscany) where we’re based. This is something we’re really proud of and what makes our games and decors really unique.

We rent for 3 days so to let you take the most out of our games and decors.
Rentals for less days are possible but the rental price does not change.
Our items are for adults over 12yo and are meant to be used for the purpose they were created.
We are not held responsible for injuries due to an improper use of the items.

If you want wooden items personalized with your names or logo, please ask here the possibilities: ciao@spiritotoscano.it
While renting blackboards instead, we’re able to personalize them for you with a nice handwritten writing (done by me) 🙂

We wanted to give you the possibility to create the way to personalize your event, in a unique way, with the items you wanted the most.

Based on the venue where you need our items, we’ll establish a minimum number of sunflowers needed. Each has a value of €40. Please consider that we DO NOT ask any delivery cost as this is included in the minimum number of sunflowers ? needed. We let you rent MORE ITEMS instead of paying for transport only (and separately). If you still have doubts, please ask here: ciao@spiritotoscano.it

We remind you prices refer to a 3-day rental and include delivery, positioning of the items and pick up after 3 days.

If an item is damaged, we need to see which is the damage and calculate the cost of repair.
This is valid for almost all wooden items.

If an item is missing, the additional cost is the value in € of the sunflowers.
For example, the polaroid sign is 2 sunflowers. Should it be missing, we’ll ask an extra €80 for the loss (€40 each sunflower).
If part of an item is missing, the price will be calculated each time as for example in case of missing pieces of the games.
For the bocce this is €20 each missing ball.
The cost for any damage/loss will be communicated and required from the client at the most within 10 days from pick up at the wedding venue.
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