Props + 2 Frames

đŸŒ»đŸŒ» - đŸŒ»đŸŒ»đŸŒ»

Props and frames for a fun photo booth corner!

Choose the set you want and ask us for more info!

30 props + 2 frames  ??

45 props + 2 frames + barrel ???



Enjoy our photo booth corner!

This set aims at creating a nice corner for guests to take fun pictures all together.

We offer 2 OPTIONS:

– 2 Frames to hang + 30 props for đŸŒ»đŸŒ»Â  sunflowers

– BARREL + 2 Frames to hang + 45 props for đŸŒ»đŸŒ»đŸŒ»Â Â sunflowers

Props are composed by mainly paper props plus feather boas, big glasses and much more!

Please note the frames are: 1 small + 1 medium size (see pic)

Complete the set with our giant frame, available in white or gold!


FRAMES SIZES: Grey frame (bigger): 85 x 130 cm

White frame (smaller): 79 x 54 cm


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“Add to wishlist” the items you like and tell us where you need them! We’ll get back with the minimum n. of sunflowers in 24h!

Additional information


30 props + 2 frames XX, 45 props + 2 frames + barrel XXX