2 Wooden Lanterns


Wooden candle lanterns for a romantic atmosphere!

SIZE: 50 x 30 x 30 cm.

9 lanterns in total: 3 white, 3 grey, 3 shabby.

WE INCLUDE: big candles and glasses for wind.

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 Light up the atmosphere with our 2 wooden lanterns, or more!

One ? sunflower corresponds to 2 lanterns.

However, we have many lanterns available, so ask for the number of lanterns you need!

Our Lanterns for Weddings in Tuscany as all our creations are handcrafted and painted by us.

They come with candles in it and glasses for wind, so ready to be used!

Choose the colour you like.

We have 3 white lanterns, 3 grey lanterns or 3 shabby lanterns.


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We’ll get back with the minimum n. of sunflowers in 24h!